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Who We Are

Experts in Exec Recruitment & HR Consulting


About the Company

Cloud Talent Consulting are a team of 15 consultants. Based in 6 countries across Europe our consultants offer specialist industry expertise across IT, Finance, Media and Sales. 

We're passionate about people and with 15+ years' experience in recruitment and HR consulting, you won't find a core team more dedicated and supportive.

Our approach is simple: we look to understand your challenges and present solutions based on our extensive experience, coupled with best practice advice.

Client Promise

Our promise is to focus on excellence through continuous evaluation and improvement. 

Our Founders offer diverse educational backgrounds including Business, Economics and Psychology. The team regularly attend industry training courses and have the highest academic credentials within Human Resources and recruitment.


Our focus is to find the right fit for management level positions, and to create an unparalleled candidate experience.


It's important to know the kind of business you're working with.

Cloud Talent Consulting focus on three core values essential to the people profession:

- Continuous Learning
- Trust
- Passion for People

Our promise is to bring excellence to the people profession.


Our team have been busy travelling the globe finding the best fit for C-Suite and Management roles for clients, and supporting HR teams.


See our journey as the company has grown and and developed over the last year...

Placements - 43

Executive search - 18

Expert level - 25

Relocated candidates - 12

Organisational development projects - 16

Client Testimonials

“I have interacted with CTC as a client. CTC has supported our business in establishing a solid talent base over the past 3 years by helping us in sourcing and selecting the right talent in C+ level and more. They excel in sourcing and head-hunting keeping excellent candidate experience in mind. “ 

Christine M., Deutsche Bank

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