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Workplace Wellbeing

Wellbeing is on everyone's agenda: healthy, happy employees are 67% more likely to feel engaged at work.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a situation of change for organisations that is still reverberating throughout the world.


Managing change whilst ensuring business continuity is key for HR professionals.


That's where Cloud Talent Consulting can help you with managing the priorities arising from the demands of working from home, broader health and wellbeing concerns, and much more.

Cloud Talent Consulting understands that your people are your competitive advantage. Our experienced team of coaches and training consultants have devised a range of wellbeing programmes designed to meet the demands of today's shifting workplace landscape, helping employees to navigate the myriad challenges we're all facing today.

See our range of programmes below, and get in touch today for a complimentary consultation to advise which would be most beneficial for your company.


  • Stress & Anxiety Management – 4-hour Workshop


  • Reclaim Your Energy – 2-hour Workshop​​

  • Overcoming Uncertainty – 4-hour Workshop


  • Finding Meaning, Direction & Value in Uncertain Times – 2.5-hour Workshop

Group coaching programmes

  • Rewire Your Mind & Unlock Your Full Potential – 6-week Programme

  • Building Resilience & Mental Strength – 6-week programme

  • The Art of Meditation – 6-week programme

Do You Want to Know Who's Behind It All?

Here's a short video on the challenges teams are facing from our Chief Wellbeing Officer, Kate Megee.

Some Testimonials

"Before working with Kate I felt stressed and at times overwhelmed.  Coaching with Kate has honestly been life-changing."

Katy, United Kingdom

Click on the icon to download a copy of our full progamme of wellbeing services...

Request a Free Consultation

Are you an HR professional? Get in touch now and speak with one of our qualified consultants for free advice on how to tailor your workplace wellbeing programme to best fit the current needs for your business.
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